Picture of blog author Manjula Kumar

From a timid girl to a blogger now, I have donned the roles of a Graphic Designer, Montessori School Teacher, Journalist, and Historian. I could also add amateur photographer and storyteller to the list. This journey has been a learning curve for me. I realized that though being an introvert, I like to make small talks with people whom I meet daily. It is the social conventions that tire me. I love meeting new people, have one-on-one conversations, and also explore places. A desk job is not one for me.

I created this blog to satiate my varied interests. What I want is a like-minded reader base. My encounters with diverse personalities as a journalist kindled the writer in me. I want to write compelling stories of people who have created a mark for themselves. Stories that can give us hope and make us want to learn new things, and constantly raise the bar for ourselves. Being a Historian, I also feel inclined to share stories from our past, elucidating India’s rich culture and heritage. So you can look out for such stories as well.

Find time to read through all the categories. Your words of encouragement and your constant visits to my blog will mean a lot to me.

– Manjula Kumar